About Us

My name is Missy Cassel Collins.  I first began working for the original owners of this establishment when I was 14 years old, hired as a dishwasher, but soon promoted to server.  I continued working here for the next nine years, through high school and college.  In 1993 when the restaurant went up for sale I gave up my teaching career and without hesitation I bought it.  I chose the name ‘Cassel’s’ in honor of my parents, Carl and Ovalene Cassel.  I took on the challenge of a lifetime, and all these years later I am still being challenged and rewarded on a daily basis.

In 2006 we moved the restaurant from its original storefront to its current location and got a fresh new facility and a great new menu to match.  In 2012 we opened a banquet room to accommodate larger groups.  This room will be used for parties, meetings, weekly/monthly clubs and groups, and for overflow at busy times.

Our “restaurant family” continues to grow and prosper each year.  I want to thank all of our loyal regular customers; and to our new customers, I would like to personally welcome you to Cassel’s.  Here at Cassel’s we pride ourselves on serving fresh, quality food at affordable prices by friendly faces.

I do not consider myself just another business owner.  I care about this community.  Northville is where I grew up and will always consider home.

Thank you for your patronage, and I look forward to serving you in the future.

Missy Cassel Collins,

Owner, hostess, server, dishwasher, manager, chef, Mom, plumber, electrician, carpenter, referee, therapist……..depending on the day!